Electrolytes and the ketogenic diet

Electrolytes are important! Many people overlook this when they first embark on their ketogenic journey. One of the best benefits of the going keto is an increase in energy – don’t let your lack of electrolytes thwart this!

When your insulin levels drop and you don’t up your electrolyte consumption your muscles might feel heavy or weak – don’t worry, there is an easy fix! Increasing sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium should set you straight. That means eat more bone broth, salmon, avocados, leafy green vegetables and mushrooms (all great keto foods). Almonds and coconuts are great for calcium (don’t forget your Keto Hana granola!  If you’re really struggling you can always get a zero sugar electrolyte dissolvable tablet but we always advocate getting your nutrients from real foods.

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