About us

At Keto Hana we believe in long term healthy choices. The ketogenic diet (despite the name) is not a diet for us, it is a lifestyle (and we are well aware of the cliché: sorry about that). It is true that eating ketogenic can produce incredible weight loss results and for many people that is key. For us, eating a low (almost no!) carb, natural, ketogenic diet is first and foremost about promoting longevity and feeling amazing, both physically and mentally.

That means we are very selective about what we put into our bodies. Our emphasis is on choosing the best quality, natural ingredients, using organic produce wherever possible, never, ever, using refined sugar or preservatives and crucially, making sure whatever we eat tastes incredible! Our philosophy is that these positive nutritional choices are infectious and by taking care of your body, your body takes care of your mind.

As a young company based in the busy London metropolis, we understand the frustrations of trying to balance eating healthily with a busy lifestyle. Our first product is designed to relieve some of these stresses, starting with breakfast. Our coconut & almond granola aims to eliminate the hassle first thing, so you can get off to a healthy and happy start, every day. Win the morning – win the day.

We love hearing from our customers, and while we obviously love praise, equally, if there is something you would like to see more, or less of, feel free to drop us a line at hello@ketohana.co.uk. Even if you just want to say hi, we'll always try and get back to you as quickly as we can.