5 Tips to Help You Stay Keto Out of Lockdown

5 Tips to Help You Stay Keto Out of Lockdown

5 Tips to Help You Stay Keto Out of Lockdown 

While lockdown has been tough, if you are following a keto lifestyle it has certainly had its benefits. No temptations, no dinners out with friends who aren't on keto, and always having your go-to keto foods nearby. Now the world is finally opening up, it’s time to get used to our old routines and get back to balancing our healthy lifestyle with a busy lifestyle. We know this can be hard, so as a helping hand, we have put together some useful tips on how to stay keto out of lockdown.

Start your day right!

Start your day with a routine. While this will look different for everyone, we couldn't recommend more starting with 15 minutes of mindfulness (if you haven't tried headspace it's amazing). Mindfulness allows you to feel more connected with your body and can be a great tool to improve your mental health. Onto breakfast with a delicious keto granola breakfast bowl. This will not only prevent the risk of sugar cravings when you leave the house, but beginning the day on a positive note will keep you motivated to stay on track throughout the day. If you are looking for some breakfast bowl inspiration, check out our Instagram which is filled with moorish keto breakfast ideas.

Carry a keto snack with you

You may be used to having a sugar-free snack always within reach. However, as we spend less time at home, we face the risk of running into situations of sugar cravings without a keto option to hand. The best way to tackle this is by always having a keto-friendly snack on you. Our keto bar's were designed for this very reason, so you can stop worrying about your macros and get on with your day. 

Meal prep 

It is easy to stay keto when you have delicious keto food in front of you. Taking the time to plan ahead will make your life a whole lot easier. Pick a day of the week to do it on, maybe a Sunday, and stick to that day each week. Calendarise it even. If you want some inspiration, check out our recipe blog for tonnes of keto recipes. We always make them super easy and different so there's something for everyone. If you are looking for meal prep options we recommend trying our keto cauliflower curry and our quick and easy vegan salad recipe. 

Find your keto community

There are so many keto groups out there who love sharing tips, recipes and want to support each other on their keto journey. Check out the subreddit: r/keto, join some Facebook groups or start following some keto YouTubers such as Keto Connect or Stephanie Keto Person and you will find heaps of useful information and amazing keto recipes that will make staying keto a whole lot easier. 

Plan your meals out 

Now when it comes to eating out, this can quickly turn from a lovely occasion to incredibly daunting if you are on keto. A great tip is to always check the menu before arriving at the restaurant. This gives you time to plan ahead and choose the best meals that will keep your ketone levels in check. And remember, you can always ask to substitute carbs for keto options, for example, a burger bun with a lettuce wrap, or chips for a side salad.

How are you finding life post lockdown? We’d love you to share with us any tips that you may have.

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