History of Vanilla and Health benefits

Vanilla: Beyond Flavour to Health Benefits

Before we delve into the health benefits of vanilla, we thought a quick history lesson was in order.

The Tale of Vanilla

The allure of vanilla reaches far beyond its iconic flavour and aroma. Originating from the tropical regions of Mexico, the Totonac people were the first to cultivate vanilla. They cherished its enticing scent and reserved its use for royal and ceremonial purposes.

It wasn't until the 16th century when Spanish conquistadors brought vanilla to Europe that its fame began to spread. However, it wasn't just its flavour that captivated the Europeans; they sought to cultivate it themselves, only to realise that the orchid thrived only in its native land, with the Totonac people possessing the secret of its hand pollination.

Why we love vanilla

At Keto Hana, we value quality ingredients, crafting our products to prioritize your well-being. Similarly, our exploration into vanilla reveals more than just its enticing flavour. While the delicate aroma and distinct taste of vanilla might be its most recognisable attributes, the health benefits of this exquisite ingredient are often overlooked.

Nutritional Powerhouse

Beyond its enchanting flavor, vanilla boasts essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that offer more than just a delightful taste. These components contribute significantly to your well-being, enhancing the nutritional profile of our products.

Rich in antioxidants

Packed with antioxidants, vanilla can potentially combat oxidative stress, reducing cell damage and supporting overall health. The presence of these antioxidants elevates the nutritional value of our vanilla-infused creations, amplifying their health benefits.

Emotional Harmony and Wellness

Research hints at the potential calming effects of vanilla's aroma, possibly alleviating stress and anxiety. This aromatic attribute adds a soothing dimension to the already robust nutritional profile of vanilla.

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