5 simple ways to stay keto

5 simple ways to stay keto

By now, we all know how great it feels to eat keto and so the rational choice is always to keep doing it, right?! If only it was so easy. The human mind is an interesting beast and almost everyone has moments where they feel like blowing it all off!  Here are five ways we stay keto and stay happy!

Keto friends

Having a group of keto buddies to cheer you on is a great way to stay motivated. Whatsapp each other meals and recipes and exchange ideas to get your keto journey snowballing. The more it becomes a part of your friendship group, the easier it is.

Meal plans and prep

It's easy to eat keto when you the food is in front of you. Don’t get lost trying to find lunch and end up settling for a low fat salad when you could have something delicious and high in healthy fats prepared in advance. A little prep on a Sunday goes a long way during the week.

Keto community

Apart from your friends, there are tonnes of people out there who love to chat about keto and swap ideas and progress updates. Check out subreddit: r/keto or hashtag some keto Instagram posts. Comment on this blog! Find some likeminded people and make conversation! At Keto Hana we love hearing your stories and chatting – get in touch!

Keto snacks

Having keto snacks around will make your life so much easier when you're short on time. Nuts and seeds are great to nibble on (or maybe some granola…!) but don't get caught short feeling like it's time to refuel when the only things around are full of processed sugars and preservatives. You might not feel the need to eat much if you've got ketones flying around your body but when you do make sure you eat right!


Life is easier when you know what is coming next! If you love a particular breakfast, have it a few times a week, or have it every day! There are plenty of fantastic keto meals and recipes to try but that is no reason to stop having your favourites!

Let us know if you have any better ideas in the comments below!

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